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Kobe Concierge recommendations

With its unique mix of retro and modern elements, Kobe offers visitors plenty to see.
Consider taking a stroll as if you live in this elegant city, or walk to one of the many places that have figured in this harbor town’s history. You’re sure to find something new every time you set out on foot. Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel’s Kobe Concierge is happy to recommend sightseeing destinations that will satisfy your desire to see more of, and learn more about, the city.

Near the hotel

Meriken Park, which used to be known as Meriken Breakwater, and Harborland on the opposite shore comprise a pair of sightseeing destinations that symbolize Kobe’s personality as a harbor town. This area is also popular as a place to walk or take a date. You can also take a cruise in the harbor on a sightseeing excursion ship from the Kamomeria passenger terminal, which is located right next to Kobe Port Tower.

History, historic sites, and retro-style Kobe

A typical milestone in Kobe’s development during ancient times as a center of international trade was a large-scale project undertaken by Taira-no-Kiyomori to build a port to fulfill his dreams of trade with continental Asia. Since the opening of its port to the outside world in 1868, Kobe has transformed itself into a cosmopolitan city that welcomes a diverse range of cultures and people while skillfully absorbing cultural influences from other countries. Retro-style buildings such as the foreign residences in Kitano and the Former Foreign Settlement create a distinctive landscape.

Spots from which to view the city’s nightscape

Kobe is famous for its beautiful nightscape. The dazzling million-dollar view from Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya looks like someone upturned a gigantic jewelry box. Venus Bridge is known as a romantic place where couples can leave a lock on which they have written a message pledging their undying love.

Seasonal events

Kobe takes on a series of different visages as the seasons go by, and there are lots of appealing seasonal events, including these:

Walking and shopping

Kobe has lots of richly distinctive areas! There’s no lack of ways to have fun, from gourmet dining to shopping and walks.

Active fun and healing quiet in a natural setting

Close to both the mountains and the sea, Kobe is full of fun places that promote an active lifestyle. If you’re willing to stray just a bit from the hotel, you can have a variety of experiences that will create great memories of your trip.

Arima, a popular spa in Kobe

One of Japan’s oldest hot springs, Arima has a long and distinguished history that stretches all the way back to ancient times. You can bathe in the famous Kinsen and Ginsen springs, and there are even inns that welcome daytime bathers in case you don’t want to spend the night. It’s hard to beat enjoying a series of baths while strolling through this elegant town.