Notice and Apology regarding the Leakage of Personal Information of Guests who had made a Reservation via Reservation Website due to a Security Breach to the Server

We appreciate for your continued support and using our hotel.

We have found that the personal information of our guests has been compromised due to a security breach to the server of the reservation system provided by Fastbooking Japan Co., Ltd., (“Fastbooking Japan”) used by Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel at our multilingual reservation website (English/Chinese/Korean).

We have been using the reservation system provided by Fastbooking Japan as a system for receiving hotel reservations from our foreign guests. However, Fastbooking Japan informed us that the server owned and managed by Fastbooking (“Fastbooking”), a French corporation which is the parent company of Fastbooking Japan, was the subject of a security breach caused by an external party, and that the personal information of our guests who made a reservation via the reservation system of Fastbooking Japan has been compromised.

We sincerely apologize for the great concern and inconvenience caused to you on this matter.

Following the discovery of leakage of personal information, we have reported to the Personal Information Protection Commission of this incident, and are still confirming the details of leakage of personal information. Please note that no personal information of our guests who had made a reservation via our Japanese Official Website has been compromised since both the system and server the guests use are different from that of our multilingual reservation website, and thus has not been affected by this incident. Also, we have not received any reports of the misuse of the personal information of our guests at present. The circumstances of the leakage we are aware of currently are as follows:

* Personal information which has been compromised

Among the reservation records prepared at our website during the period of May 1, 2017 to June 15, 2018 (including cancellations), the details of the personal information which has been compromised are as follows (number of cases: 206 cases):

- your name, email address, nationality and phone number

- the date of your arrival at and department from our hotel; and

- the amount that you paid for your stay with us, and the confirmation number of your reservation.

According to Fastbooking Japan, we have been informed that no credit card information of our guests has been compromised.

* Correspondence to our guests

We will individually contact those guests whose personal information has been compromised.
We are still confirming the details of leakage, and each guest whose personal information is found to be compromised will be informed in a proper order.

* Subsequent measures taken

We will suspend the use of the reservation system operated by Fastbooking Japan until a third party institution’s security assessment, which is currently conducted by Fastbooking Japan is completed and a safety certificate is issued.

* Contact information for inquiries from guests regarding this matter

Please contact Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel’s Customer Support Desk at cs@kobe-orientalhotel.co.jp